Hawaiian Music and the True Meaning of the Hawaiian Words Aloha and Mahalo
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Hawaiian Music and the True Meaning of the Hawaiian Words Aloha and Mahalo

"Aloha" and "Mahalo" are the two most commonly used words in the Hawaiian language with "Aloha" being the most popular Hawaiian word known and spoken around the world. The Hawaiian words "Aloha" and "Mahalo" are among the most sacred and powerful of all Hawaiian words. Speaking them over time is said to have the power to transform one's attitude, heal one's negative emotions, and help to protect and guide one's lifetime journey. 

MAHALO is a Hawaiian word meaning; "Thank you, thanks, gratitude, admiration, praise, esteem, regards, with respect ..."  This Hawaiian word is often accompanied by the phrase "Nui Loa", which in Hawaiian is translated to mean; "Very Much" so the entire Hawaiian phrase "Mahalo Nui Loa" simply means "Thank you very much".   (more info: http://1800sunstar.com/zhawaiian-language-guide.html  ) 

ALOHA is a Hawaiian word meaning; "Hello, goodbye, Love, compassion, welcome, good wishes ..."  What is the true meaning of "The Hawaiian Aloha Spirit ..?"  The Hawaiian Aloha Spirit like Love itself is beyond any total description of words yet like a Sunrise, Aloha must be experienced, felt within and then passed on to others. The letters of the Hawaiian word "A-L-O-H-A" help us to rememeber: 

(A) AKAHAI [ Ah kah hai' ] (careful offering)

In Hawaiian translated to mean: kindness, modesty, gentleness, unpretentiousness, being unassuming, unobtrusive, tenderness...

(L) LOKAHI [ Loh' kah hee ] (to obtain oneness)

In Hawaiian translated to mean: unity, agreement, accord, unison, harmony...

(O) `OLU'OLU [ Oh' loo oh' loo ] (cool, refreshing)

In Hawaiian translated to mean: agreeable, pleasantness, amiability, contentment, happiness, graciousness, congeniality, cordiality, affability...

(H) HA'AHA'A [ Hah' ah hah' ah ] (low)

In Hawaiian translated to mean: humility, humbleness, self-effacing, modesty...  

(A) AHONUI [ Ah hoh nui' ] (great breath)

In Hawaiian translated to mean: patience, perseverance, endurance, long suffering, tolerance...

Another Hawaiian word which embraces the True Meaning of the word Aloha is:

LOKOMAIKA'I pronounced: Loh koh mai' kah ee  which in Hawaiian is translated to mean: "the good inside, good will, good disposition, generosity, grace, kindness, humanity, benevolence, beneficence" and last but not least; "Loving Kindness..."

(more info: http://1800sunstar.com/zthe-aloha-spirit.html  )

Of course the primary way Aloha and Mahalo are shared with the world is through the islanders local Hawaiian Music. Hawaiian Music is native to the Hawaiian Islands of the United States of America. The History of Hawaiian Music Styles include; "Hula Music", Luau Music, "Native Hawaiian ritualized Dance", Mele "Hawaiian Chanting", Jawaiian "Hawaiian Reggae Music" and Paniolo, or "Hawaiian Country Music". The three most predominant Hawaiian instruments used in both early and modern day Hawaiian Music performances are the "Hawaiian Steel Guitar", "Hawaiian Slack-key Guitar" and the "Hawaiian Ukulele".

Today's more "Contemporary Hawaiian and Luau Songs" include a blend of various ethnic traditions including; "Hawaiian Rock", Pop, Soul and "Hawaiian Reggae Music" also refered to as "Jawaiian Music". Popular Hawaiian Artists who combine the best of "Contemporary Hawaiian Music", "Hula Music", "Luau Music" and "Traditional Hawaiian Songs" include; "Israel Kamakawiwo'ole", "The Brothers Cazimero" and of course internationally recognized Hawaiian recording Artist "Don Ho".  (more info: http://1800sunstar.com/  ) 

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Cool article! It makes me want to go to Hawaii!

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Aloha Kathleen... Hope you get to visit. Very pleasent this time of year. Thanks so much for sharing...